You're not fully dressed without a smile!

In a world where first impressions are judged in milliseconds, being smartly dressed or having flawless makeup whilst holding back your smile will only get you so far. So, whether you're loading that important Zoom call, taking a selfie with your bestie, or shaking hands on a first date, smiling your way to success could make all the difference.


Cosmetic dental treatments are both costly and time-consuming.

Whitening toothpaste and strips can contain peroxide which increases pain and sensitivity.

Coffee, tea, wine, food, and smoking can dramatically stain your teeth over time.

65% of adults say that their smile impacts their self-confidence.

Adults smile 20x per day, whilst 38% choose not to smile in photographs.

96% of people notice your smile first!


Be your own reason to smile

In today's noisy world, finding the right teeth whitening treatment for your needs is overwhelming! Mass opinions and options can include:

  • Booking expensive and time-consuming treatments with cosmetic dentists.
  • Cutting out your favourite foods or skipping that essential morning coffee. 
  • Or, wasting time and money trialling new celebrity fads or home remedies to little or no effect.

At Pro Whitening, we've cracked the code to not only deliver you results up to 5x shades whiter in as little as 30 mins, but we have reduced the hassle, pain, and cost with our fast-acting teeth whitening formula & technology.

The result: you get instant confidence with a brighter, healthier-looking smile that you can achieve from the comfort of your own home and without the price tag.


Introducing the UK's most in-demand at-home teeth whitening kit



Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening

A cleaner, healthier-looking smile in just 4 easy steps


First, use the Pro Whitening shade guide to establish your current "before shade".


Next, soak the mouldable mouth trays in hot water for 60 seconds. Let them cool slightly before moulding that perfect fit.


Apply our clinically proven peroxide-free teeth whitening formula to the trays and connect to your wireless LED UV light activator. Grab your favourite book or binge-series and relax for 30- 45mins.


Finally, smile and compare your new "after results" against your original shade and repeat the process once a day for a brighter and healthier looking smile.

5 Star Reviews

I love this kit 😍 it has made my teeth whiter without making them sensitive. I Highly recommend the pro whitening kit if you want a gentle way for whitening your teeth with out the damage.

Anna C

I have recently had my braces taken off my teeth and been desperate to have my teeth whitened as they were really dull and this whitening kit is unreal!! It brightened and whitened my teeth I’m still so impressed, definitely recommend this product.

Hayley A

Amazing company ❤️ there kits which they sell are just unreal 😍 I would totally recommend this company to my family and friends as I know this company won’t disappoint and Iv already brought two kits for presents ❤️

Louise M


A cosmetic dentist's best kept secret

With years of research and testing behind us, Pro Whitening has the industry's latest and safest technology to deliver you 2.2x faster results than professional dental methods in a convenient home kit. 

In comparison, Pro Whitening's unique peroxide-free formula and wireless UV LED technology can deliver comparable results just like an expensive cosmetic dentist - but without the hassle, downtime or price tag. Trusts us when we say, Cosmetic dentists - do not want you to see this!

Be smile confident
in just 30 mins 

Get up to 5x
whiter teeth 

Clinically tested with no pain or sensitivity 

Remove food, drink and smoking stains fast

2.2x faster than
traditional methods

100% safe and
peroxide free 


Life is too short not to smile!

With the obvious social pressures to live our best life, your teeth work hard in the background dealing with the daily rigours of eating, drinking, and communicating. Not looking after them could mean you miss out on:

  • Healthier oral hygiene and fresher breath.
  • Higher self-esteem and photo-ready confidence.
  • Or, missing out on that natural magnetism and positive first impression that only a healthy bright smile can give you!

Spend your time and money wisely; peroxide or other acids found in other well-known DIY teeth whitening kits and home remedies can eat away at your enamel, causing even more yellowing and sensitivity. Correcting these issues can not only be expensive and time-consuming, but play havoc on our social and personal wellbeing too.

Let Pro Whitening show you how to achieve the smile you've always wanted but without the hassle or expensive price tag. 

Grab your kit today -  your smile will thank you for it!