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Have fine lines and wrinkles started showing up on your face? We have a solution. Using non-surgical methods we help our customers achieve rejuvenated skin, and a youthful glow once again. For the process, special injections are used that help reduces fine lines and wrinkles to a great extent, and offer long-lasting results.

The anti-wrinkle treatment we offer at The Aesthetic Clinic is non-invasive, and the injections used are free from all possible side effects. The injection used for the procedure helps increase the tissue volume, thereby enhancing the smoothness of the skin, and ultimately reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

At last, younger, radiant-looking skin is achieved for which you have been dreaming for a long time. Anti-wrinkle injection treatment in Cardiff is the secret to achieving a prolonged youthful appearance. If in Cardiff, and you are looking to reverse your age, thereby achieving younger-looking glowing skin, anti-wrinkle injection treatment is the answer.

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Anti-Wrinkle Youthful Skin in Cardiff

The treatment options offered are cost-effective so that our consumers don't have to worry about getting a hole pinched in their pockets. At cost-effective rates, we use only FDA-approved injections to offer nothing but the best. A wrinkle-relaxing element known as Botox is used to offer the treatment and also the product is safe to be used, and free from all possible side effects.

The injection containing Botox is injected in the required muscle which then relaxes the muscle thereby helping achieve the desired results. We use this treatment specifically in certain areas of the face, where wrinkles are more prominently visible. That said, the treatment is applied on the forehead line, the crow's feet, frown lines, etc. Besides relaxing wrinkles, it helps in dealing with other issues like migraine, excessive sweating, muscular disorders, etc.

The only aftercare is that you will have to follow the instructions of the dermatologist, to ensure that you get to achieve the expected results, and also it lasts long.

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Contact our experts and get a free consultation to be clear about the treatment and the entire process. They will also recommend the best packages for you based on your needs and your current appearance.

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Our single and unwavering aim is to make you feel great within your appearance by focusing on what works for you and you only. In order to understand your personal needs and physical anatomy, the first step in getting to know you is to schedule an in-depth consultation with a skilled and qualified practitioner. During the consultation, we will be able to evaluate your needs and create a bespoke treatment plan to help support and achieve exactly the results you are looking for.



We offer a no-obligation consultation with a qualified member of our team to examine your physiology and to discuss your needs and expectations.




We then provide you with an in depth analysis of your improvement areas to clearly explain the achieve-ability and success rate of your desired look and needs.

We then provide you with an in depth analysis of your improvement areas to clearly explain the achieve-ability and success rate of your desired look and needs.



Finally with your written consent, we administer treatment and if required, form the basis of an ongoing development and maintenance plan bespoke to your goals and anatomy.

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“Extremely welcoming“

Great first treatment of laser for under arms! Both girls in the salon are extremely welcoming and made me feel so comfortable to be there! Excited to see the results in a good few months! X

Meg Brown

“Absolutely amazing results"

Absolutely amazing results with Hannah!!! She’s so knowledgeable and is by far the best at what she does!!
I can’t wait to go back for more treatments soon!

  Summer Anderson

“A very pleasant experience"

 I have received two amazing facial procedures at the Aesthetic Clinic.
Amazing reassurance given as I was nervous. My procedure was painless as time was taken to numb areas correctly. A very pleasant experience, I will definitely be returning time and time again.

Steve Cosslett

“Friendly and helpful"

Friendly and helpful staff, and lovely salon.

Clare Tilley

“The best of the best, couldn't recommend enough!”

 The best of the best!!! Love love love my lips. Would never go anywhere else, couldn't recommend enough!

Georgia Dunlop

“The best there is"

 The best there is!!! I would not go to anyone else apart from the aesthetic clinic! Professional and friendly and their work is incredible! Every treatment I have had has been amazing!

Jordan Symonds

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